OS Manager – Automate OS Upgrade or Downgrade for Zebra Devices

Keeping your devices up to date with the latest OS-builds and LifeGuard Updates is critical when managing a fleet of devices. This time consuming process has now been automated with Nordic Mobilitys new app, OS Manager. Finally, you can automatically update your Zebra Android devices, just like Apple and Samsung does with their devices. Only with OS Manager, you as an administrator, can select which OS-build or patch you want. When this is done, everything is left in the hands of the user, with only two simple choices.

OS Manager

OS Manager starts on device startup and runs silently in the background. It checks for new OS-files every 15 minutes. If a new OS-file is present and the battery is OK, the app presents an update window, even if the device is locked. The user can then either install the update right away, or postpone installation to later that night, with a 30 minutes countdown. If no user input is detected, the update will install after 30 minutes. If the user wants to postpone, the update will start right after 11:30 PM, again with a new update window and countdown. OS Manager checks if the battery has enough power to complete the update, and the integrity of the OS-file. It does everything automatically, in the background, every day of the week.


  • Starts on device startup and runs silently in the background
  • Checks for new OS-file every 15 minutes
  • User can install right away, postpone, or let the update timeout with a 30 minutes countdown
  • Can upgrade and downgrade
  • Checks the integrity of the OS-file
  • Checks if there is enough power to update the device
  • Requires minimal resources
  • Wakes screen and informs user a new update is available, even if the screen is turned off and locked
  • Compatible with all Zebra Android devices with Android KitKat and up
  • Supports all standard Android languages


  • OS-file present on device


Subscription, or FREE for all NORDIC CLOUD MOBILE customers.


Future functionality

  • Support for all Honeywell Android devices
  • Support for other Android devices
  • Automatic download of OS-file


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